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Koo Guava Halves 410g

Koo Guava Halves 410g

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Koo Guava Halves 410g in Syrup. Only choice grade guavas are good enough to become KOO Guava Halves. That is why KOO Guava Halves make such a delicious difference in desserts with custard, jelly or ice-cream

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Koo Guava Halves 410g in Syrup

Koo Guava Halves 410g in Syrup are a delicious addition to any fruit salad and pudding or enjoy with some ice-cream, in a filling smoothie or with yogurt.

Koo source their produce from established farms with decades of expertise and experience to deliver only the best quality and taste so our KOO fans can experience only the best.

In every South African’s DNA there is an ability to ‘make a plan’. It was no different after the Great Depression. A group of Western Cape farming families got together to form the Langerberg Ko-operasie, rumoured to be where the name KOO comes from. In 1940 the Ko-operasie realised their dream of seeing their community uplifted, taking the humble, juicy seasonal peach and through innovation – the tin – and made it available all year around. This Ko-operasie were entrepreneurial, they thought differently and they did things differently, including launching their brand positioning of ‘sealed-in’ goodness when Marketing was still very much in its infancy.

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