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Traditional Drywors 500g


Our Traditional Drywors 500g is made to our own recipe using quality beef and blended spices imported from South Africa filled into sheep casing.

We add nothing that you would not expect to find in quality products.

We also make South African game drywors such as Springbok, Wildebeest and Ostrich when we can are able to get the meats in.

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Traditional Drywors 500g is a dried boerewors filled into sheep casing. This makes it easier to dry.

We use grass fed beef and imported South African spices and natural sheep casing. The filled casing are then dried in biltong dryers for a couple of days until perfectly dry.

Our Drywors comes in 3 flavours: Traditional, Peri-Peri and Garlic. We also sell a Biltong and Drywors combo, giving you the best of both worlds.

Allergens: celery extract

Drywors on Wikipedia:
The recipe used for these dried sausages is similar to that for boerewors, though pork and veal are usually replaced by beef, as the former can go rancid when dried, mutton fat replaces the pork fat used in boerewors. Drying makes the sausage ideal for unrefrigerated storage.[2]

Droëwors is unusual among dried meats in being dried quickly in warm, dry conditions, unlike traditional Italian cured salumi, which are dried slowly in relatively cold and humid conditions. A further difference is that droëwors does not contain curing agent as found in a traditional cured sausage. A direct result of this is that droëwors should not be kept in moist conditions as mold can begin to form more easily than would happen with a cured sausage.

This product is related both in name and in nature to the Dutch droge worst a.k.a. metworst.