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BILTONG FOR THE BRAVE We are delighted with our latest creation! A perfect centre-piece for your next special occasion, which is bound to become the topic of conversation amongst your guests. Tasty dried wors and the customers’ choice of quality biltong is carefully layered to create this unusual cake, and finished off with a ribbon of choice. The cake also makes for an ideal gift for that special someone who has an acquired and insatiable taste for this delicious delicacy, not forgetting that it is also carb-free. The word ‘Biltong’ is derived from the Dutch words ‘BIL’ (hind quarter or rump) and ‘TONG’ which means ‘strip’, directly translated to A STRIP OF MEAT. The making of biltong is a tradition of more than 400 years old, and was discovered by Sailors from the Dutch East India Company. This cured style of meat enabled the Sailors to survive for weeks at sea, without having to stop for fresh meat supplies. In the 1830’s, biltong became the primary source of protein for the Dutch settlers, otherwise known as the Voortrekkers. They were not hunters, and when moving inland, seeking a better life from the rulers of the Cape Colony, they would slaughter a cow and cure the meat to make biltong. The biltong was hung in an ox wagon and they would simply carve off a slice to remain hydrated whilst on the move. Today, there are many different types of biltong, made with different meat and a variety of spices and ingredients. Some choices are Beef, Chicken, Ostrich, Venison, Game, Crocodile, Snoek and Carp, to name a few.

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