Canned Drinks

Sparletta Creme Soda 6 pack 6 x 300ml Cans. The best green coloured drink around. Perfect for Creme Soda Floats or Green Mamba's.
Sparletta Sparberry - 6 pack of 300ml Cans. Sparletta Sparberry has embraced its philosophy of living a little and having fun since 1955. This is...
Stoney Ginger Beer 6 pack Stoney Ginger is a great refreshment that takes you back with a strong taste of ginger.
Granadilla Twist 6 pack A deliciously refreshing fizzy granadilla \ passion fruit drink by Schweppes. Best enjoyed cold and on a hot day.
Fanta Orange - Pack of 6 330ml cans Manufactured by the Coca-Cola company, for a unique South African taste, bursting with orange flavour. The taste...
Lemon Twist 6 pack 300ml Cans are a tangy lemon flavoured fizzy drink, bursting with flavour. Best served ice cold.
Iron Brew - 6 pack 6 x 300ml cans is a rosy vanilla, fruity flavoured taste. Iron brew is a true icon of the soft...
Grapetiser Red 6 pack Deliciously good sparkling grape juice with that unmistakable grape scent and flavour. Grapetiser has no added sugar, preservatives or colourants.
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