Fathers Day

Klipdrift Brandy Export 750ml Each bottle of Klipdrift brandy is the product of the cellar master's care through every stage. A fine old vat matured...
Jaffle Iron Perfect to make sweet or savoury treats over the fire or on the gas.
Toaster Braai Grid23cm x 26cm. Perfect for your braaibroodjies / toasties. Fits 4 slices.
Box Braai Grid 41cm x 31cm. Ideal for a chicken or fish.
Potjie standThis stand fits three leg and flat bottom pots perfectly.
Nylon Braai Basting Brushes 2 sizes to choose from, nylon handle and bristles, hygenic and durable.
Braai Grill Cleaner Nylon handle, Easy Grip, steel bristles and durable.
Braai Glove1 glove with silicone strips for extra grip. Protect your hands when working with that hot braai grid or potjie.