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We make the most amazing Wagyu Biltong, Wagyu Drywors and Wagyu Boerewors. All our Wagyu is sourced from the renowned Highland Wagyu.

Wagyu beef comes from grass fed cattle that are at least 5 years old. Normal beef is from cattle that are only 18 months old.

We use F1 Wagyu which is a mix of full-blood Wagyu and full-blood Aberdeen Angus, Dexter or Highlander which gives the meat an incredible marbling and flavour without the over richness of 100% Wagyu. This allows you to enjoy more of the product.

Wagyu is Japanese – ‘Wa’ means Japanese and ‘guy’ means Cow

Wagyu, or as it is known in Japan as Kobe beef has become synonymous with high marbling, tasty, expensive beef. It has become more prevalent around the world as more farmers are now farming the breed. It is usually crossed with another full blood breed which in our case is Aberdeen Angus, Dexter, Short Horn and Highlander. This is then called F1 Wagyu.

We source our Wagyu from Highland Wagyu

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  • Wagyu Biltong Chilli Bites

    Wagyu Biltong Chilli Bites

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  • Wagyu Biltong Traditional

    Wagyu Biltong Chilli Chutney

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  • Wagyu Biltong Gift Box

    Wagyu Biltong Gift Box

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  • Wagyu Biltong Traditional

    Wagyu Biltong Traditional

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  • Wagyu Biltong Traditional Bites

    Wagyu Biltong Traditional Bites

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  • Wagyu Boerewors Traditional 400g

    Wagyu Boerewors Traditional 400g

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  • Wagyu Drywors Traditional

    Wagyu Drywors Traditional

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